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Welcome to Footwagers you will find delightful football betting opportunities. Bet on football and choose your favourite teams, leagues, and events. Look up our football betting odds updated in real time to help you make the best choice.

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Football Betting Markets & Odds

Welcome to the ultimate guide to football betting – your handbook to the world’s most popular markets, soccer cups, competitions and more. We provide you with some of the finest football betting options for top games.

Players will feel quite at home having the option to bet on awesome football odds and make sure their matches turn out the way they expect them. There are multiple teams to pick and choose from, so don’t hesitate to give it all a go.

Football betting for a Lot of Competition

If you are looking to bet on the top league options there are, you will definitely have quite the choice. You see, football betting is all about picking the right league, event, and game. To be able to adjust your bets, you will need to know a whole lot more about the teams, scores, and even the top goal scorers.

To be perfectly honest, though you foremost need to be familiar with what available options are there for you to bet football in the UK. The football betting odds you will find at Footwagers are definitely some of the finest. And with this said, most online football odds will cover top events such as the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Champions international Football, and a few others.

The most important event is without a doubt the English Premier League (EPL), which will make sure you have access to some outstanding options. You see, EPL is followed and bet on internationally. Fans from all corner of the world flock to the TV screens with the sole purpose of watching what is arguably the world’s best football competition to date.

Not only that, but you can expect a whole lot of impossible comebacks and some of the biggest outcomes. Europa League is exclusively focusing on the European championship where you get national teams compete.

The play field, some argue is somewhat subdued with Portugal and Spain doing far better than England, even though the country hosts the EPL. When it comes down to national teams, some fans say the tournaments is still very amusing to watch but not necessarily as fulfilling unless your national team is winning.

There are other championships, of course, such as UEFA, which also draws a fair bit of excitement across the world. All in all, there are great choices.

Types of Football betting Odds

Football betting is all about finding a great bonus offer as well as identifying which bet types you should choose. To help you always be in the know, we have put together a comprehensive guide to all available wager types you should know about. Let’s take a deeper look right now.

Football Betting In-Play

In-play betting is considered an advanced form of betting, which enables players to place bets on league games as they happen. The volatility of these types of betting is really big, but the good news is that when you win, you win in a big way. Online football betting is always about picking the best type of football bet.

Both Teams to Score

Another very interesting bet on football is the ‘Both Teams to Score’ option. You see, you can simply bet on whether you think both teams will get to score at least one. To be able to predict this outcome, you will need to consult the football odds and see how reliable you think they are.

Match Result – Win, Draw or Win

Also known as 1×2 betting, this type of betting football wagers is all about. You can choose which of either team will end up as the most likely winner as well as focus on a draw if you believe this is indeed the outcome to expect. Before placing a bet on a team, though, make sure to look up ‘football odds tonight,’ in a quick search to make the best decision.

Total Goals – Under/Over

One of the most popular types of football bets is the Under/Over. The idea behind this type of betting is very simple indeed. You see, based on the betting odds in football you have, you have to predict if the score will be over or under a certain number.

Football Accumulators

Accumulators are potentially the best football bets. What you need to do is bet on at least 2 or 3 different games. The more games you keep betting on, the biggest your payout will be. Some football odds can let you to turn a simple £5 into $100,000 payout.

First Goalscorer

Interested in who the first goalscorer will be? So are the bookies! These football bets are some of the most exciting. The best tips for this kind of betting is to keep up with all the information you can find online. Bet on popular players such as Messi and Ronaldo above all else.

Free Football betting Tips & Predictions

There are many tips you can use. The best bet on football is the one you understand. Read the football odds and bet on cups and world events to guarantee yourself winning combinations. Whatever the division you bet on, there are plenty of opportunities to turn a profit. Just make sure you stay up to date with the games and surely, you will turn a few lucky wagers of your own.