Football betting predictions

Looking for the latest football tips? You have come to the right place! Footwagers will provide you with the most detailed football breakdown of any game, markets, and match you have seen recently! We analyze all teams and how they win, take a look at the scored goals and more.

Today’s Football Tips & Predictions

Ultimately, you want the best match predictions out there to make sure you are taking advantage of the best betting opportunities, and this is exactly what we do. We post verified information to help you make an informed decision.

The best football betting tips and predictions are always based on your knowledge and understanding of the game. Make sure you know everything about the upcoming games.

What is a football prediction?

A football prediction is the ability to guess the outcome of a competition. You can use players stats, ask tipsters, but ultimately a prediction always boils down to you getting the prediction correct.

And how can you do that? How can you call football and soccer predictions correctly? Two words – analysis and experience. You need to make sure you have focused on both long enough to have the working knowledge to make the right football prediction game and make your knowledge of the game work out.

Keep in mind that there are quite a few things you would want to look into as well. For instance, previews are based on weekly odds as well as data about the latest goalscorers and so on. To get all of this right, you will need extensive interest in the sports you like – and this case, football.

Weekend football betting tips

To get your football prediction correct you will need to read up on the latest football betting tips. We offer a variety of bet types posted on time for each major game so you can always be in the know. The best policy to making the most of football betting tips is weighing them up against your all knowledge on any subject, and in this case – football. Always be critical of others’ opinions and trust your gut more so than any tip.

Which Leagues do you provide Football Predictions for?

This is another great question. We strive to always provide you with full list of predictions for upcoming matches and this includes many established competitions, such as:

  • England Premier League
  • Spain Primera Liga
  • Germany Bundesliga
  • Italy Serie A
  • France Ligue 1

You will notice that these are some of the largest European competitions – and they are by far the most competitive events in the world of football at all.

When are your football predictions posted?

As a football prediction site, we make sure to post our previews and updates every day. In other words, when you type football predictions today, you are likely to get the most recent updates from us, which is our intended goal. We will help you always pick the predictions that are actually influencing your betting hobby in the best way possible.

How do experts predict a match?

Another great question. Expert predictions are definitely not easy to come by but we still believe that football tips and predictions is the way to go if you really want to make the most out of your bets. Of course, the surest way to go at first is through football betting tipsters. This way you will always be able to enjoy yourself and check your knowledge against what other people – and arguably experts – have said about a game. But to answer your question straight – it all boils down to experience accumulated over the years, no more, no less.