Privacy Policy

On our platform, the privacy of our users comes first, so we do everything on our power to respect it. As soon as you access this website and register, certain information about you is being collected, and we are more than committed to maintaining the privacy of the information for safety purposes.

In the privacy policy details below, you will find out exactly how we handle all information we collect from our visitors and users.

General Terms and Introduction

Here, we are very committed to keeping the privacy of the customers and thus winning and maintaining their trust. The safety of the users is on top of our interests, which is why we do our best to ensure it.

This is a Privacy Notice, where you will find out everything you need to know about why we need to collect your personal information, and how we keep it safe on the (including the desktop version and mobile app).

How Can You Contact Us?

If you want to get in touch with us, there are quite a few ways to do so. We have a Customer Service team that is reachable at many times during the day. Reaching out to the team is possible through live chat, email, or phone. To find out the details, you should go to the Contact Us page.

However, if you have questions or complaints regarding the privacy policy and the way we collect your personal information, then please make sure to contact the data protection officer by email.

What Kind of Personal Information Does our Site Collect?

Personal information is collected from our users in different ways. We wither do so when you register on our platform, or when you interact with the site/services. There are also times when third parties or other publicly available sources are giving us information about you.

With that said, here is the information we are collecting from you based on:

  • Your Registration
  • Your personal information, which includes your name, telephone/mobile number, email address, place/date of birth, gender, postal address, and others.
  • Financial details (in order to figure out how you’ll be able to pay for our services as a member)
  • Proof of your information (such as photographic identification and evidence of address documents)
  • Username and password, which allow you to log into your user account
  • When using our services
  • Information about the device you use to access our site and services (like your IP address, model, operating system, browser type, and many others)
  • Information on how you interact with our products and services
  • Data about your behavior when you browse our platform
  • Phone calls – if our team is going to have any phone calls with you, they are going to be recorded. This is in order to see whether we managed to properly carry out your instructions. Not to mention, it could also help us detect or prevent fraud or different other crimes.

Aside from these, information can be collected from other sources as well. For instance, our business partners and different other organizations may give us data about you. These include companies that deal with verification services, fraud prevention agencies, or credit reference ones.

Your social media feeds may be used to collect other information about you as well. This will help us get to know you much better and thus personalize more effectively.

Keep in mind that you should never give us any personal information about someone else unless they gave you permission to do so. Even if you refer to someone as a friend, they should be asked about it before you disclose any information for them. When you give us information about another person or someone else gives us information about you, chances are it may be added to the already existing information in our database and used according to this Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small files that get stored on your computer whenever you access different websites. They are very helpful because they keep a record of your preferences for the sites you are visiting. In order to keep track of the way people use our platform and make sure we remember their preferences, Footwagers will collect cookies. This will make it easier and better for people to use the website every time they come back to it.

But the visitor/account holder will be asked whether he/she agrees to the collection of cookies. Not agreeing to it might make some features of the platform unavailable. At the same time, no matter what answer you give, you will have the chance to change your mind at any time.

On top of that, the files stored on your computer can be deleted from the designated folder whenever you want to do so.

Why Do We Collect Your Data?

Because we are aware you are putting a lot of trust in us when you give us your personal information, we want to be fair with you and tell you why we collect it in the first place. Basically, collecting your information allows us to personalize the website and make improvements so that you and everyone else can have the desired experience on this platform. On the other hand, it also allows us to grant you access to the products and services you’re looking for. There are some exceptions too, when your information is, instead, needed in order to comply with the law. For instance, we may have to look at whether you are accessing the site from the right country, and if you’re not, we can redirect you to the right site. It will also be necessary to check your identity and make sure you have the proper funding source when performing a transaction.

Some of your data will let us send you updates when there are any relevant ones and will also give us the chance to contact you in the event issues arise. With your information, it will also be easier for us to manage the competitions and promotions that you enter.

Every now and then, we may ask you to take part in some customer questionnaires and surveys in order to help us make the site better overall. In these situations, we are going to need some of your personal information to contact you.

Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

We will not share your personal information with any third party unless absolutely necessary. For instance, some of the companies we may have to share your data with are parties that help us comply with our legal obligations, as well as parties that give you services on your behalf.

There are also moments when we may need your personal information when we are entering a business or merger sale. Of course, you will be informed in the event that such an action will be taken. However, the personal data will not be shared differently than the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

Here are some moments when we may have to share your data with third parties:

  • When we have to undertake any transactional analysis
  • When we have to detect, prosecute and prevent crimes
  • In moments when we have to respond to complaints or inquiries
  • Performing tests of new systems or checking updates for the already existing ones
  • For defending, establishing or exercising our legal rights

How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information for

Your personal information will be kept safely by us for as long as needed, which may be longer than the period you use our website for. The data will be maintained from the moment you register on our site and can be kept for many years after you cease using our services.

So, we will basically have to retain your information for as much as we need in order to fulfill the purposes we stated in our Privacy Policy. While you’re a customer of our products and services, we will usually have to keep your information in order to meet the contractual and legal requirements. But after you stop using our platform and services, we need to keep your data in case any legal claims are being made against us. We may also need them in order to comply with various laws.

Changes to the Notice

You have to know that changes can be made to the Privacy Policy at any time. We reserve the right to do this whenever necessary. Therefore, whenever you keep submitting information or if you keep using the, you have to check the page regularly for updates so you’re always up to date with what we’re doing. In some situations, if some more important changes have been made, we will send notifications to the users so they’re aware of the change.

If you continue using the website even after the updates, it means that you agree to the way we’re collecting personal data. If you don’t agree with the new ways we collect/use your data after the change, please stop using the Footwagers and its services.