Terms and Conditions

In the following paragraphs, we will set out the terms and conditions of our platform. We advise reading them very carefully before you start using the Footwagers.com and come back to the page if you have any confusion about doing something.



If you start using the Footwagers.com, here is what some of the terms you will encounter mean.


If you start using this site and its services, it means that you automatically agree to its rules. Here are the things you’re accepting if you register on this platform and start using the services:

  1. Once you create your personal account here and use the services, you are confirming that:


  1. If you don’t accept the rules we set and cannot comply with them, then you should immediately stop using the site and services it has available.
  2. We have the right to amend, update, supplement, and edit the rules of the platform at any given time. The user should regularly take a look at the page to check for updates. Any major update to the rules will be notified by sending an email or a different communication to the users. If the user continues using the site and services after the change of the rules, it means he/she is accepting them and panning to follow them.
  3. In case you think that any products/services offered by the site are in any way indecent or offensive, you should stop using the services as quickly as possible.
  4. Some areas of the world will not be able to use the website or have the use of our services illegal. Users have to check the list of restricted territories and make sure the services are available where they live. As such, it is the users’ responsibility to make sure they are not breaching any law if using our site and services.

Account Rules

You have the possibility to create an account and join the Footwagers.com, although there are some rules that you need to know about when doing so.

  1. When you register on the platform, you warrant that the information you provide in your application is true and correct. The information you provide usually includes your name and surname, date and place of birth, nationality/citizenship, phone number, valid e-mail address, and a personal bank account so you can transfer cash.
  2. We reserve the right, at all times, to:


  1. Our sports betting platform’s team warrants and represents to always:
  1. The client is the one liable towards the company in case of any damage produced as a result of fraudulent activity. When something like this happens, our company can inform the governing authorities of the clients’ country of origin and make sure a legal case is opened against the fraudster. More than that, the clients’ personal data may even be announced publicly in order to prevent further damages caused by fraud.
  2. Our company doesn’t accept responsibility for any taxes or betting duties that arise by the local authorities in the clients’ territory. They will be paid by the client, not by the platform. In case the client doesn’t pay, though, the company will not be held liable.
  3. Players are not allowed to transfer or sell their accounts to other players.
  4. Funds should not be transferred amongst player accounts as it’s prohibited.
  5. A single account on this platform can be opened at a time by a family, person, IP address, household, and email address.

Rules of Payment

Security Rules

  1. When it comes to relations with the clients, our platform maintains strict confidentiality unless required by the Governing Authority. If the client is violating our rules or the information is required when applicable by law, then the information may be disclosed to a third party so an investigation can begin.
  2. In case any telephone communication takes place, it will be recorded for training and security purposes or in order to comply with certain regulations.
  3. After creating the personal account, it’s the user’s responsibility to never share the account information with everyone. The username and password should only be known by the account holder. In case the user has any reason to believe that someone else obtained the information, then he/she should make sure to contact the customer support of the website so a new password can be issued. At the same time, if you forget, lose, misplace, or share your information with a third party, then our website will not be held liable.
  4. Every electronic communication between the team and the account holder will be kept on record so we can comply with finance and accounting regulations.
  5. We shall not perform any unauthorized activity on your computer.
  6. As an account holder on our platform, you should take all possible measures to keep your data and software on your computer safe.
  7. Your identity as a user will be determined according to the information you provide, like the email address, name, mailing address, credit/debit card number, and other information you may provide.


  1. If you have any complaint to make regarding the terms or the services of the platform, then you should do it with the customer support. Our team will do its best to reply within a reasonable amount of time.
  2. The complaint has to contain clear information about your identity and the reason for the complaint.
  3. All disputes that arise due to the terms and conditions should be settled according to the governing law.